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Earth Day Poems 2018 On Save Earth Save Environment

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Earth day poems 2018 : hi men women and kids here i am going to share something amazing information for you.you can listen these earth day poems songs

Earth day i.e.many students are looking for poem so i have posted earth day poems for middle school to support the earth is celebrated on this day in the whole world. This day began in the United States, but today the whole world celebrates this day.

And elementary students are also reader of this blog so these-earth day poems for elementary students- are helpful Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April, this day was inaugurated by Gerald Nelson as the theme of the environment, whose motto was just so that the people of this message were also able to give meaning to the Earth Day.

When Pahla Earth Day was celebrated, more than 3000 thousand schools and colleges participated in this day in the US and published the work related to this day.Class wise poems are also available like-poem on earth day for class 2.

 Early on April 22, 1970, the introduction of the traditional environmental movement. Nearly three million American people had rallied to a standstill and their purpose was to focus on the government's attention on this day. And government support Grab this --short poem on earth.

The purpose of this day was Ai which pollution. Junko's snuff Hunting of Vanu Jivo The forest of the croquet oil leakage. if you want to save earth then--poem on save earth save environment-- are great to get inspiration Tea companies left pollution Insecticide It is important to eliminate the pollutants that are found in the pollution environment.

Earth day poems 2018

Earth day poems 2018
 heppy earth dey 2018

I Am Of The Earth 

I am of the earth
She is my mother
She bore me with pride
She reared me with love
She cradled me each evening
She pushed the wind to make it sing
She built me a house of harmonious colors
She fed me the fruits of her fields
She rewarded me with memories of her smiles
She punished me with the passing of time
And at last when I long to leave
She will embrace me for eternity.

By Anna Lee Walters. 

Pray to What Earth

Pray to what earth does this sweet cold belong,
Which asks no duties and no conscience?
The moon goes up by leaps, her cheerful path
In some far summer stratum of the sky,
While stars with their cold shine bedot her way.
The fields gleam mildly back upon the sky,
And far and near upon the leafless shrubs
The snow dust still emits a silver light.
Under the hedge, where drift banks are their screen,
The titmice now pursue their downy dreams,
As often in the sweltering summer nights
The bee doth drop asleep in the flower cup,
When evening overtakes him with his load.
By the brooksides, in the still, genial night,
The more adventurous wanderer may hear
The crystals shoot and form, and winter slow
Increase his rule by gentlest summer means. 

By Henry David Thoreau.

By the Earth's Corpse 

"O Lord, why grievest Thou? - 
Since Life has ceased to be 
Upon this globe, now cold 
As lunar land and sea, 
And humankind, and fowl, and fur 
Are gone eternally, 
All is the same to Thee as ere
They knew mortality." 

"O Time," replied the Lord, 
"Thou read'st me ill, I ween; 
Were all THE SAME, I should not grieve 
At that late earthly scene,
Now blestly past--though planned by me 
With interest close and keen! - 
Nay, nay: things now are NOT the same 
As they have earlier been. 


"Written indelibly 
On my eternal mind 
Are all the wrongs endured 
By Earth's poor patient kind, 
Which my too oft unconscious hand 
Let enter undesigned. 
No god can cancel deeds foredone, 
Or thy old coils unwind!


"As when, in Noe's days,
I whelmed the plains with sea, 
So at this last, when flesh 
And herb but fossils be, 
And, all extinct, their piteous dust 
Revolves obliviously, 
That I made Earth, and life, and man, 
It still repenteth me!"

By Thomas Hardy.

Earth's Answer 

Earth raised up her head 
From the darkness dread and drear,
Her light fled, 
Stony, dread, 
And her locks covered with grey despair.

'Prisoned on watery shore, 
Starry jealousy does keep my den 
Cold and hoar; 
Weeping o'er, 
I hear the father of the ancient men.

'Selfish father of men! 
Cruel, jealous, selfish fear! 
Can delight,
Chained in night,
The virgins of youth and morning bear.

'Does spring hide its joy,
When buds and blossoms grow? 
Does the sower
Sow by night,
Or the ploughman in darkness plough? 

'Break this heavy chain, 
That does freeze my bones around! 
Selfish, vain, 
Eternal bane, 
That free love with bondage bound.' 

By William Blake.


Poems on earth by famous poets

Poems on earth by famous poets
 mothar earth dey 

Mother Earth gives her gifts for all to share,
She gives them freely, yet she's still aware,
That things are changing, perhaps for the worse.
How much more can she give if our future is cursed?
It's way past time to put Mother Earth first,
To clean up the water before we all thirst,
To clean up the air before our lungs sicken,
To renew the soil and feel it quicken.
How long until the point of no return?
How much longer until we all finally learn,
That to this task we all must rise.
And stop abusing Mother Earth before she dies.


These are the things I'm thankful for...
The sweet smell of flowers in springtime,
Beautiful clear blue skies above me,
The feeling of damp grass beneath my bare feet,
The sound of a free running stream,
The warmth of the sun on my cheeks,
The site of a field filled with corn,
The sound of birds singing in the trees,
The taste of fresh picked raspberries,
Crisp, clear autumn mornings,
The sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet,
The site of pumpkins growing in a field,
The first chill of winter in the air,
The site of snowflakes frolicking on the breeze,
Watching children skate on a frozen pond,
And seeing the first robins of spring.
I hope that future generations will still have these things to be thankful for.

Haiku for a Troubled Earth

Paradise or paradise lost?
Your effort is what it will cost
To keep our precious earth clean
By living a lifestyle that's green.
We cannot go on as we are
Leaving scar after scar
Upon this beautiful planet
Which so many take for granted.
The time to take action is now,
To restore what's been damaged somehow.
We stand on the brink of "too late,"
But there's still time to change our fate.
By Kelly Roper
Teach your children to appreciate the planet.
Bring home a seedling and help them plant it.
Teach your children to conserve the trees.
Going paperless these days is a breeze.
Teach your children to respect the earth.
Recycle throw-aways into something of worth.
Teach your children to care for God's creatures.
Set up a birdbath, a feeder, and other features.
Teach your children we're in this together.
We must try to help our planet last forever.

It's Your Earth

It's your earth.
Will you neglect it,
Or nurture it?
Will you tend it,
Or squander it away?
The choice is yours,
But if you're going
To make a stand,
You'd better start today.

In Celebration of Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day,
Why not plant a tree?
It will produce fresh air,
And be a joy for all to see.
In celebration of Earth Day,
Go and visit a local park.
Get back in touch with nature,
Its sites and sounds in light and dark.
In celebration of Earth Day
Try to be more aware,
Of how your actions affect this world
And devote yourself to its care.

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